Partner With Us

LAHSA is part of a robust network of organizations and individuals who are dedicated to serving and reducing the homeless population across Los Angeles.  We are actively seeking alliances with businesses, organizations and community groups who share our deep commitment to eradicating homelessness in Los Angeles – and to supporting the thousands of volunteers who lend their valuable time, talents and resources to this effort.

Partnering with the Homeless Count is a meaningful way to give back to the communities in which you operate and connect with your constituents, members and customers engaged in this vital issue, while garnering recognition in Homeless Count online and offline promotions.

We are open to many types of potential partnerships or sponsorships to support the 2017 Homeless Count.  Can you join us in one of these ways?

  • Provide in-kind donations or store credit for food and beverages for volunteers at deployment sites during the Homeless Count.
  • Provide in-kind donation or store credit for prizes or giveaways for volunteers and participants.
  • Share information about the Homeless Count through your advertising, outreach or other communications channels (e.g. newsletters, social media channels, online forums) to help enlist volunteers.
  • Hang posters and share fliers in your business, nonprofit, community venue or house of worship.
  • Invite a Homeless Count representative to speak at a community event or business forum – to shine a light on the issue of homelessness in Los Angeles and the purpose/importance of the Count.


We are excited to explore how we can mutually benefit in serving our community and helping to stem the tide of homelessness among the many at-risk men, women and children among us.

To discuss partnership opportunities, please contact:

Click here for our 2016 Partners and Sponsors.